Did You Know?

The NAT Supper Club


Many of the local Amarilloans know that The NAT was originally an open-air swimming pool, and a few short years after pool was opened it was converted into a dance hall. At the dance hall’s opening night, patrons were treated to a free night of dancing to the music of El Hoover and his orchestra. On succeeding nights each dance cost five cents. Access to the dance floor was by ticket only, the floor being cleared after each dance. Bands who played the nightclub circuit were hired for both limited and extended engagements.

When money became tighter as the crash of 1929 approached, different enticements were employed to attract patrons to the nightspot. New cars furnished by local auto dealers, Navajo blankets, Chinese slippers, hosiery, records, and cash in balloons were given away to boost attendance. The depression era brought many changes to the nation and to The Nat as well. Harry Badger, a well-grounded Amarillo businessperson, became the proprietor of the ballroom. It was at this time that the fortress-like façade was added. In 1955, The Nat Café building, a prime example of whimsical roadway architecture, was attached to the north elevation to provide an entrance to the dance are from Route 66. The Nat became a dine and dance palace after dinner items were introduced to the bill of fare.

If you’ve shopped at The NAT in the last six years, you may have seen these plates for sale in different booths. These plates are the original restaurant plates from the NAT supper club, which would have matched the art deco walls that adorned the upstairs walls.


Our Vintage NAT Supper Club Plates are for sale! If you love The NAT as much as we do, stop by and take a piece of Amarillo history home with you!

Get it Before it's Gone!

The month of October is coming to a close, so we wanted to share a little reminder of all the sales that will be ending! The last day to shop our sales will be Wednesday, October 31st. We hope to see you soon!

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Did You Know?

Rosback Company is a world-leading manufacturer of book binding and print finishing equipment. Rosback has been around since 1881! Rosback’s bindery equipment machine served the printing industry, all with a foot-powered perforator! In 1889, the machine was finally modified to be powered by either a steam line or an electric motor.

These carts, known as “bindery carts” or “stock trucks,” were (and still are) essential equipment in binderies, print shops, mailrooms, and schools! They were created to be perfect for product movement, storage, and organization. They were especially useful to parts departments and stock rooms in many other industries. The large casters and rugged construction provided easy rolling on rough surfaces - even when they were loaded with up to 800 pounds!

These two vintage carts are hot ticket items in the antique world. They make great display pieces, but would also be so functional in a home. We hope that you find them as wonderful as we do!

Tuesday Tip: Vintage Halloween

Who says that Halloween décor has to be scary? It’s possible to achieve a kitschy and fun look without everything screaming BOO! Our vendors here at The NAT tend to go all or nothing when it comes to Fall + Halloween décor, and we’d like to share tricks (and some treats) that we absolutely adore!



Whether you have a few crows you snagged at your local craft store or if you want to create a vintage “graveyard” look, vintage birdcages do just the trick! Add a tiny caution sign and you’re in business!



Vintage jack-o-lanterns are easy to find at most antique stores. Start yourself a collection and hang them in your tree for wonderfully weird yard décor!


Go Glam

Fairytale pumpkins are our FAVORITE! Stack them on your mantle - or even your front porch - for a whimsical and glamourous vibe.



If carving isn’t your thing, you can create some amazing and unique looks with a little paint! A great craft to do with the kids as well.



Your home doesn’t have to look like the Great Pumpkin has taken over. Pick and theme, and stick to it! We’re loving this neutral bookshelf with the understated Halloween items.



We understand that dolls aren’t for everyone, but this kitschy wreath is right up our alley! The vintage bottle wreaths stuffed full of vintage doll parts make our vintage-loving hearts happy.



Vintage masks have SO much charm! The bright colors make them stand out among other decorations, and they’re a great conversation piece! Impress your Halloween party guests with a creative idea like this!

Whether you’re looking for great decorations for your upcoming Halloween party, or if you’re looking for a vintage costume for 6th Street’s very own Creepy Crawl, The NAT has what you’re looking for!

Get it Before it's Gone!

The month of September is coming to a close, so we wanted to share a little reminder of all the sales that will be ending! The last day to shop our sales will be Saturday, September 29th! We hope to see you this weekend!

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Get it Before it's Gone!

If you weren’t able to make it to the open house, there are still plenty of booths continuing their sales! These sales are only valid through the end of the September, so make sure to stop by before the month is up to explore all the markdowns happening! 

  • All merchandise from Vendor #548 is 25% Off

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Tuesday Tip: Vintage Kitchens

Remodel season is officially in full swing! If you're anything like us, you have a mental list of everything you want to update around the house. The kitchen is typically the biggest update to try and tackle, but not everyone can dish out the cash needed for a complete overhaul. Today we're sharing a few tips & tricks that can give your kitchen a new look while sticking to a budget!


Don't just decorate, collect! The kitchen is a great place to start and share a collection. Old soda bottles, antique china, & rolling pins, are an easy way to get things started without breaking the bank.  


Cutting Boards

Cutting boards can add texture and depth to your space in a snap. We recommend finding and displaying aged ones on the wall while making a stack of more functional ones on an adjacent counter. 



Vintage scales abound in most antique stores. Look for ones that have their original logo for more visual interest. If you plan on actually using the scale, make sure it measures in increments suitable to your needs (ounces/pounds). They make a terrific place to set that banana bundle or use them to hide unsightly outlets and switch plates.



Our rule of thumb when it comes to cookbooks is, never pass a good one up! They're a versatile decorating tool that's also functional. They make wonderful housewarming gifts as well!



Not all collections are functional, and that's okay. There's a reason why a lot of kitchen utensils and appliances have been updated over the years, but bring new life to something old by thinking outside the box! 



Turning vintage crates into drawers is a genius idea, but if that seems a bit overwhelming, try adding vintage wooden shelves or an old Hoosier Cabinet to warm things up! The possibilities here really are endless!



Canisters are a customer favorite here at The NAT. People are always looking for a little extra storage on their counter, and a stacking canister set does just that while looking cute! 

Mixing the old in with the new is always a stunning combination. Take a look at some of the vintage kitchen goods we have in store right now!

Get it Before it's Gone!

Each month at The NAT several of our vendors put their items for sale. Here are just a few items that have been discounted from Junk'N'Disorderly, Strange Natives, and Peach Tree Antiques!

Stop by before the month is up to explore all the new markdowns in the store! 

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  • All clothing from Strange Natives is 50% Off
  • All cookbooks from Peach Tree Antiques are 25% Off