Did You Know?

The commercial signs of yesteryear - which were all painted by hand - offer a kind of beauty, personality, and longevity that today’s industrial signs have been unable to duplicate. We see them almost every day without a second thought. Weathered by time, distinct characteristics shining through, hand-painted signs are a product of a fascinating 150 year-old American history.

What was once a common job has now become a highly specialized trade, a unique craft struggling with technological advances. These vanguards of unseen originality are leading a renaissance with a keen creative purpose and exemplify the working class American success story. While exploring what’s left of the old sign-painting traditions, there are several young and up-and-coming artists who celebrate keeping the tradition intact with an appreciation for a balance between art and commerce.

This box of decals would be used by sign painters to make their job a little easier. Each letter individually packaged to better assist in the creation of a new sign. One of our vendors, Brave Relics, stumbled upon this vintage lettering kit from Chicago over one of their many travels. With sign painting making a comeback, we thought we’d share a little history with you.